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Seminar On Intelligence and Art

Dr. Marta Moita (scientist), Filipa Ramos (theoretician) and Chus Martínez


23.11. – 25.11.2015



One of the main subjects of the next two years is how art can learn from the new developments in science regarding experience. Historically speaking, man has had a privilege position regarding experience. Animals cannot talk about how they perceive the world, however, new research is becoming eloquent and key in discovering not only different ways of perception but how this also affects socialization. Filipa Ramos has been long interested in this subject matter and has particularly followed the work of Marta Moita, neurologist. Martas lab has been focused on social interactions in different contexts, namely when individuals perceive a threat or when they are foraging for food. The neural mechanisms by which animals use social information to detect impending danger are largely unknown. We are studying how animals use defensive behaviors of con-specifics as alarm cues. In addition, we study how the social context modulates defense behaviors. For example, we are studying how the presence of offspring affects defense behaviors displayed by mothers. We are also studying pro-social behavior of rats using food foraging tasks.


Analyzing Brian Massumi’s considerations on animal play (What Animals Teach Us About Politics, 2014), and his promise to launch animal politics that bypasses the notions of competition and survival of the fittest at the heart of most Social Darwinist theories, this presentation will propose innocence as a form of setting up interspecies ludic exchanges and of decreasing the too human in the human animal.  


This seminar will be a good continuation of the Innocence Symposium in October. The sessions will be conducted by Filipa Ramos and Chus Martinez and will have Dr. Marta Moita as a guest. Filipa Ramos is an expert on animal theory and she has been developing a very interesting research on how artists are approaching new scientific evidence on animals and how these theories are at the basis of a redefinition of new forms of organization, and a broader aesthetic concept. The idea of this seminars is to approach feminism, politics, ideas on gender and even performance under an unusual point of view. The goal is to understand perception and experience under a scope that is radically different from the one traditionally represented by art history and art theory.


Institut Kunst
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst
Atelier Gebäude A 1.10, Oslo-Strasse 3, 4142 Münchenstein b. Basel

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