Due to the current situation, the semester program of the Art Institute is taking place via online platforms. The team of the Art Institute works from home and is available by email.

The secretariat is available during its opening hours (Tue 1.30 pm – 4 pm, Wed / Thu 9 am – noon) via +41 61 228 40 77 and by → email. Edith Hänggi, Head of Administration / Coordination, is available by phone +41 61 228 41 02 or → email as well as Chus Martínez, Head of the Art Institute, by → email.

The buildings and workshops will remain closed (support by phone or online platforms by appointment via → email).


Phenomenal Ocean

A podcast series produced by the Art Institute and TBA21–Academy based on the Summer School The Current II and the Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean, both held at TBA21–Academy in Venice.

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ACT Basel

Performance Festival of Swiss Art Academies
Saturday 4 April 2020


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How to introduce an institute of art? This is probably the most difficult task for a place that is many things: an institution, with norms and rules, and a community with idiosyncrasies and moods…

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Every Thursday during the semester at 5.30 pm, Atelier Building A 0.11 or Tower Building Auditorium D 1.04

Art Taaalkssss is a series of open lectures and discursive events taking place every week at the Art Institute. Formerly known as Art Talks the series adopts many formats, from lecture, to keynote, to panels discussions, and performances.


The Women’s Factor

The Women’s Center for Excellency is a think tank tasked to asses, develop, and propose new social languages and methods to understand the role of women in the arts, culture, science and technology, as well as in all knowledge areas that are entangled with the field of culture today.


Art Is Ocean

Following our program Art Is Science, in the spring of 2017 we started a new series of seminars, public lectures, and symposiums dedicated to the oceans. This series continues with an expanding interest in research, experience, and the way artists inquire into nature and the disciplines that traditionally study it. It also initiates our collaboration with TBA21–Academy, a foundation committed to creating opportunities for artists and scientists to develop a new way of thinking about the seas, as well as a space inside education and art to address crucial questions on the future of life.