• Die Zwei, Videoinstallation für die CMS Basel, 2018 (Marmorbüste, 3D-Plastik-Pint, Videoprojektion)

  • Clouds of the Second Kind, 2016. Galerie Kabinet T in Zlín, CZE

  • Real Snow, Galerie Kabinet T in Zlín, CZE

  • The View where I’m Sitting (by the Window) 2003/2017. 5 Kanal-Videoinstallation

Philipp Gasser

Lecturer bachelor and master

Forum Kunst, artistic mentoring, multimedia workshop, art projects

Philipp Gasser (*1958) studied audiovisual design at the School of Design in Basel.

His work is an artistic examination of media convergence; the combination of analogue and digital techniques, their dispositives and the interference of the respective artifacts. He was one of the first Swiss artists to understand how to use and thematize the media-historical transitions between image production in print, photography/film, television, video, computer- and net-based techniques.

He has received studio scholarships in Montreal (1999) and South Africa (2007), both from iaab (now Atelier Mondial); Werkbeitrag Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt (2001); and the Sitemapping-Preis für Mediaprojects (Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2005). He has held solo exhibitions at Kunstraum Baden (2005); Kunsthaus Baselland (2011); Schaulager Satellite, ART 43 (2012); FIFA Montreal (2014); Kunstmuseum Bern @ PROGR (2015); and Galerie Kabinet T, Zlín, Czech Republic (2017).