Reinhard Storz

Lecturer bachelor and master

Forum Kunst, artistic mentoring, writing mentoring bachelor, Art Talks

Reinhard Storz (*1955) studied fine arts (diploma) at the F+F Schule für experimentelle Gestaltung in Zurich and art studies (Lic. Phil.I) at the University of Basel.

Since 1995 Reinhard Storz has been dealing with the question of how online projects can combine network-based works of art, essays and scientific contributions to reflection on current themes. His interdisciplinary projects have included the development of transmedial narrative forms, the investigation of analogue and virtual concepts of space in the media society and network work in the sense of the economy of attention.

With his projects Reinhard Storz has participated in many exhibitions and presentations, including at Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle; Künstlerhaus k/haus, Vienna; Today Art Museum, Beijing; Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen; Cornerhouse, Manchester; Kunsthalle St.Gallen; ImageForum Tokyo; The Carnival of e-Creativity, Delhi; e-art Shanghai; Universita La Sapienza, Rome; Centre pour l’image contemporaine Saint-Gervais, Geneva; Center for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo; Helmhaus, Zürich; and Hek, Basel.