Summer School 2019

The Rare Ability to Become Ocean — A method for Ocean literacy

Instituto Svizzero, Roma
14–21 July 2019

The Waves of the Oh!s and the Ah!s, Summer School, Ocean Space, Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Venice, 2018. Photo: Courtesy TBA21–Academy.

The question of Nature has been placed at the core of the Art Institute’s curricula in Basel for more than three years already. We became aware that the questions related to Nature and those on Gender contain interchangeable notions in many respects. For this reason, we have been inviting special guests to our seminars such as scientists, philosophers and artists, who are capable of creating a context where issues of nature as well as climate related topics can be addressed together with the rise of social movements. Historically, social justice and natural justice were different categories. This has contributed to the general perception that we could prioritize one over the other. Yet, the way we advocate for awareness, change and the rights of Nature has been using far too much the form of a patriarchal order: “Save the Ocean!” This reveals a hierarchy over the elements as well as the acknowledgement that the Ocean cannot save itself from us.

The Summer School is lead by Filipa Ramos with support of Alice Wilke as Research Assistant. Activities include a seminar by Amy Franceschini, a studio visit with Cesare Piestroiusti and a visit to the environmental organization Marevivo.

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