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In My Garden

Ralph Bürgin, Dorian Ozhan Sari and Barbezat-Villetard. Curated by Hélène Mariéthoz in collaboration with the Institut Kunst HGK FHNW. 

• 28.05–25.06 at FABRIKculture, Hégenheim (FR). June 4: guided tour with Dorian Sari. 


“The title of the exhibition already expresses a reality, that we are going to be in ‘our’ garden and not in yours. Why mine, then? Because we have something to show, to share, because the sun is brighter, the grass greener, the art friendlier.”


FABRIKculture Hégenheim and Institut Kunst present In My Garden, a group exhibition that brings together four international artists working in various media. Their work is interconnected by a mutual interest in the question of borders and their transgression. The stories conveyed by the visual presentation are based on a reflexive process of the artists.


Strange and familiar architecture of the FABRIKculture’s architecture is at once distinctive and possesses very familiar elements. The exhibition space is located at the Franco-Swiss border, and this inspired the participating artists. The factory building has an industrial, vast and abandoned character, since it was freed from its original productive function. The building has a roof, and yet the exhibition space is located in a glass house, which refers to the theme of garden and relates to the topic of intimacy and space. In My Garden examines this dichotomy between intimate space and the outside world.


The participating Basel based artist, Ralph Bürgin’s fantastical wall paintings enter a symbiosis with the Turkish artist Dorian Sari’s giant scale sculptures which have a political character. This creates a visuality of figurative lines and dominant monsters, which is underlined by an light installation, created by the collective artist couple Barbezat-Villetard. All of these three projects deal with the exhibition space of the FABRIKculture, a former factory space that today hosts many international artists based in the Franco-Swiss region around Basel. 



Every Sunday for the duration of the exhibition, the public is invited to discover the exhibition under different perspectives:


Sunday 28 May – 11 am
In my garden…. there are bees
On the opening of the exhibition we will organise an Apéro and, since all the artists will be present there will be the opportunity to have a walk through the exhibition 
Facebook event


Sunday 4 June – 11am
In my garden…there are foreigners 
Seeing the exhibition with artist Dorian Sari
Facebook event


Sunday 11 June – 11am
In my garden…this is the summit
Seeing the exhibition with Ralph Bürgin and the curator Hélène Mariéthoz


Sunday 18 June – 11am 
In my garden…there are collectors!
A brunch for the guests coming to this exhibition on the occasion of Art Basel!


Sunday 25 June – 4pm 
In  my garden there…is a sweet goodbye 
Finissage with drinks 



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