Albertine Kopp

Leiterin der Davidoff Art Initiative, Basel

Gast 2018
Betrieb Kunst

Since 2013, Albertine Kopp has been running the Davidoff Art Initiative, which actively promotes Caribbean Arts through artist exchange programs and international communication campaigns, highlighting contemporary art from the Caribbean. In 2019, Albertine will start an independent program, the Caribbean Art Initiative, continuing to champion contemporary art from the region by supporting artists, strengthening art organizations, sharing knowledge and expertise, and more generally fostering cultural engagement between the wider Caribbean and the rest of the world. The aim is to build long-term relationships with the art scenes across the Caribbean through the delivery of a range of programs supporting the art ecosystem in the Caribbean. Albertine has been working for over ten years in the arts for global art initiatives such as Davidoff Art Initiative, Deutsche Bank Collection and VOLTA Art Fair.