Phenomenal Ocean Podcast #2

A new episode in the podcast series produced by the Art Institute and TBA21–Academy is released.

The recordings for Phenomenal Ocean have been made during The Current II, Summer School and Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean, both led by Chus Martínez and held in September 2019 at TBA21–Academy, Ocean Space in Venice.

The first six episodes of Phenomenal Ocean will be released weekly on Tuesday. In addition to Chus Martínez, head of the Art Institute, and Markus Reymann, director of TBA21–Academy, the conversations include marine scientists Skye Morét and Marzia Rovere, geneticist Alexander Tarakhovsky, writer Ingo Niermann, and Francesca Mussi, a researcher in international law, as well as artists Julieta Aranda, Elena Mazzi, Marco Roso, Teresa Solar, and Lena Maria Thüring. 

More information and listen to the podcast  → here.