The missing circle

Group Exhibition

30.10.19 18.30h - 02.02.20
Medellín, Colombia

Like a fable providing an allegorical approach to the Latin American social and political scenery, The Missing Circle will convene historical individuals, fictional characters, tangible facts and mythical stories, in order to trace the imprint that their sometimes conflicting motivations, fears, and desires have left in different spaces and at different times.
A three year program comprising, seminars, commissions and exhibitions, the program will depart from the shared experience of death and extinction that has traversed Latin America since colonial times, manifesting itself in very different manners: in the figure of the living-dead incarnating an early capitalist slave economy; in the missing and the stain that fought military dictatorships, guerrillas and civil wars in Guatemala, Paraguay, Chile, Peru or Argentina for a large part of 20th century; or more recently, in the haunting souls of those fallen due to a war on drugs that countries such as Mexico and Colombia have waged on their own populations. The project will explore the role and relevance that counted corpses and unaccounted souls have in the world of the living as casualties of institutionalized violence and bare life, but also, and more importantly, as the emancipating agents at the heart of new political formations; not only haunting our memories of the past but also lingering in our expectancies for the future.
Curated by Magalí Arriola, KADIST’s Regional Curator for Latin America. KADIST aims to reach beyond its venues in Paris and San Francisco to establish collaborations with international institutions. This series of international collaborations deepens KADIST’s investment in Latin America by working with a curator located in each region for a three year term, and by establishing key issues of social relevance in the region, to guide production and research.