Phenomenal Ocean: Corona under the Ocean

A Podcast series produced by
TBA21–Academy and the Art Institute HGK FHNW in Basel

Corona Under the Ocean is a podcast series exploring the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on ocean research, as well as its effect on the ocean itself. Using the practice of storytelling, the ten chapters present conversations between writer and curator Sonia Fernández Pan and guests from various disciplines. The series offers a transoceanic perspective emerging from the fields of marine science, postcolonial studies, speculative histories, and political imagination.

In the first episode—Oceanizing History—Sonia Fernández Pan talks to Greg Dvorak, Professor of International Cultural Studies (History and Cultural Studies, Art Studies, Gender Studies of Pacific and Asia) at Waseda University in Tokyo. It is dedicated to Oceania. Did you know that the Pacific Ocean was named so by Ferdinand Magellan, referring to his feeling the sea was dull over there? He reflects on how the colonizer’s view has affected the region, on how the word “indigenous” needs to gain even more political meaning.

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