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Frühlingssemester 2017

Art Talks: Raphael Linsi   


• Mittwoch 3. Mai 2017, 17:30, Atelierhaus A 0.11 (Doppeldeck Raum)




Raphael Linsi, (b. 1982 Zurich) is an artist and curator. He lives between Zofingen, Berlin, and Porto. Selected Exhibitions include: I dropped a stick at the side of the road, Oslo10, Basel, 2017 (solo); Der Geruch des noch warmen Motors eines am Fusse des Berges geparkten Fahrzeugs, Oracle, Berlin, 2016 (solo); Swiss Art Awards, Basel, 2014 (group).

Selected Readings and Lectures include: 754 B.C., Spike, Berlin, (organ- ized by Montez Press), 2016; Editions – Los Caprichos, Pudding Explosion, Headshops, Cheap Art Fair, Slash: Hybrid Ecologies and Audiences Today, Witte de With, Rotterdam, 2014; On boredom, Strange teaching, Held, Leip- zig, (organized by Rainer Ganahl), 2014.

Together with Pedro Wirz, Linsi runs the exhibition space Panorama Boa Vista in Porto, Portugal. Other curatorial projects include: twenty years, (2014-2015), Berlin, Lake & Only (2011-2013), Trin-Mulin and Basel-based curatorial collective The Forever Ending Story (2009–2011), which he co-founded. He worked as the assistant director of Croy Nielsen Gallery (2014-2015), Berlin, and as assistant curator at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (2013). Linsi holds a BA in Fine Arts from HGK FHNW Basel and is current- ly studying Psychology and Art History at University of Zurich.

“There is an obvious absurdity to trying to make a cat love you. One that reminds me in passing of the works of the Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, in particularly his repeated efforts to defy gravity in Falling I (where he films himself falling off a roof) and Falling II (riding a bicycle into a canal). What links Jan Ader and Linsi and makes their attempts intriguing is not the silliness of their activities but the seriousness with which they partake in them.” (Text Chloe Stead, 2017).




 → ganzes Art Talks Programm für das Frühlingssemester 2017





Dog Walk II (Volkspark Reheberge), 2016 Vitrine, various objects 100 x 100 x 30 cm



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