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Open Calls 2017    

Für Studierende und Alumni des Institut Kunst

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How to apply:

Send a motivation letter (one page) together with your portfolio to

Be aware of the application deadlines!




1) BAR project – residency

Where: Barcelona

When: June 5 – August 27 2017

Covering: flight, studio flat

Candidates: 2

Who can apply: Bachelor 2nd and 3rd year, Master

Note: The residency is in a shared flat, so two people may apply together.

Deadline: April 28


BAR project is an independent, mobile and non-profit curator-run organization dedicated to supporting international artists and curators and promoting trans-disciplinary dialogue, hospitality, collaboration and exchange. BAR project is initiated by Juan Canela, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa and Veronica Valentini in 2012 in Barcelona.




2) TROPICAL LAB 11 – workshop and exhibition

Where: LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

When: July 19 – August 3 2017

Covering: flight, accommodation, workshop

Candidates: 1

Who can apply: Master

Deadline: April 28


TROPICAL LAB is an annual International Art Workshop at LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where Master’s candidates from the world’s top arts institutions gather to research, experiment and collaborate in order to create contemporary art. The lab explores the blurring polarities of the urban and the non-urban by drawing upon the geo-political differences of the countries, serves as means to stimulate innovation and experimentation.

The Theme of Tropical Lab 11 is

“Citation – Déjà vu: As migrating strangers, in search of a purpose, become common bedfellows of past and future they cite, recite, incite, and prophesize a paradox. A paradox which is a reverberating soundscape of change, of return. One where both cancel each other out in an audiotized schematic, whirling away only to remain a citation in memory. To attempt to cite, translate, decipher and re-member that moment of paradox fails as the speed of technologized everyday resists the mere attempt. Artists have historically sighted/cited/sited this paradox of past and future in their expression of material and materialism long before it became a fashionable postmodern condition. But, if at all, the sighting and citing today is urgent.“

Tropical Lab will close with an exhibition by the participants responding to the theme. Curated by Ms. Bala Starr, Director of Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore and held at ICAS Gallery’s, the exhibition will open on Wednesday, 2 August 2017.




3) CRAC Alsace – expeditions and exhibition project with artist Irene Kopelman

Where: Altkirch & Alps

When: July – August 2017 – expeditions to the swiss glaciers

October 15, 2017 – opening of the exhibition at CRAC Alsace

Candidates: 2

Who can apply: Bachelor 3rd year, Master

Deadline: April 28


The exhibition starts in mid October. In preparation there will be 4 field trips to the Swiss glaciers. 2 artists will accompany Irene Kopelman and will be part of her exhibition at CRAC Alsace. Candidates need to show an interest in the mountains and nature. Drawing and/or documentary skills requested.


Irene Kopelman was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1974. She studied at the School of Arts at the National University of Cordoba where she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting (1994 – 2002). During her research in Switzerland, Kopelman wanted to learn about the phenomenon of glaciers, so she collaborated with scientists and specialists who helped her better understand the complexity of their behavior, gaining the ability to read these giant ice masses, and learn the how they are studied and cataloged in analytical terms by scientific institutions, specifically, the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) and the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Landscape Research (SLF).



Based in Altkirch and close to Switzerland (Basel) and Germany (Freiburg), CRAC Alsace is a contemporary art center devoted to research and creation which through the conception of exhibitions, publishing and specific activities of mediation, aims to support artistic production by encouraging the encounters between the public, the artists and the artworks.




4) Panorama Boa Vista – Residency

Where: Porto

When: June – July 2017

Covering: flight and accommodation (studio flat)

Candidates: 2

Who can apply: Bachelor 2nd and 3rd year, Master

Note: The residency is in a shared flat, so two people may apply together. By the end of the residency there will be an exhibition held at the space.

Deadline: April 28


Panorama Boa Vista is a project by the artists Pedro Wirz and Raphael Linsi. Fort he residency they provide their studio space in Porto and thus enabling students from the Institut Kunst to investigate into their own artistic research as well as to explore the city’s art and culture scene. That’s what the two hosts say about their place: “The studio is very central. Within 10 min by foot you arrive in the city center and the bus to the beach stops in front of the door. There is a kitchenette and a small living room. Its really cosy and nice here.”










5) PHOTO BASEL – group show

Where: Volkshaus Basel

When: Mon June 12 –  Sun June 18 2017

Covering: transport

Self expense: production, materials (with possible support by the Art Institute according to the project)

Candidates: 3

Who can apply: Bachelor and Master

Deadline: April 28


A group of three students of the Institut Kunst will be given the possibility to present their works at the Photo Basel fair during the Art Basel week. Candidates should apply with an image based project, photography gets the preference, video will be reviewed as well.

Photo Basel is an art fair solely dedicated for photography. At Photo Basel, galleries will exhibit artists from all ages and eras as long as their artwork contains a significant / majority amount of photography.








6) Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa (MAC) – Residency

Where: A Coruña

When: 1st term May 2 – June 30 2017 // 2nd term October 2 – November 30 2017

Covering: accommodation and working space

Self expense: flight

Candidates: 1 person each term

Who can apply: Master and Alumni

Deadline: April 10

A two-month residency and research stipend provided by the MAC in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. For more information visit:



Viel Glück! 





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