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13.1.2017, 17:00 – 22:00

I dropped a stick at the side of the road


Opening of Raphael Linsi’s first solo exhibition at Oslo10


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‘I dropped a stick at the side of the road’, Raphael Linsi’s first solo exhibition at Oslo10, started with the absence of a cat. On a trip to Porto it sparked in him an interest in scrutinising the human/domestic animal relationship. He arrived with a video camera and spent extended periods of time with Penha the cat, hoping to develop a bond with her. The attempt was largely unfruitful. Penha more-or-less ignored Linsi, seemingly indifferent to her key roll in his artistic research.


There is an obvious absurdity to trying to make a cat love you. More success was to be had in Berlin with Omar, the dog. The war between canine and feline owners is based on the premise that dogs are either loyal and loving, or stupid and gullible. By the same logic cats are either intelligent and independent or pretentious, unfeeling assholes depending on who you talk to. Whatever the truth, Omar was more susceptible to Linsi’s charms and their interspecies alliance was the starting point for the seven works in this exhibition.


– Chloe Stead


The exhibiton is generously supported by Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt.


Jan 14 – Feb 4, 2017
open by appointment: info@oslo10.ch



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