Womxn in Motion

Master symposium   
As part of the symposium series
Women in the Arts and Leadership


Featuring contributions by Pauline Curnier du Jardin, Pan Daijing, Sonia Fernández Pan, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė (Young Girl Reading Group), Maria Hassabi, Ingela Ihrman, Bhanu Kapil, Tabita Rezaire, Mayra Rodríguez Castro, Davide-Christelle Sanvee, Ramaya Tegene, and Martina-Sofie Wildberger.

Moderated by Chus Martínez & Quinn Latimer
Research Assistants: Marion Ritzmann, Alice Wilke

The symposium Womxn in Motion is a collaboration with Instituto Susch / Art Stations Foundation CH and Grażyna Kulczyk.

Lysann König, Songs for Two Suns, 2019, performance during the symposium Women on Earth, Basel, 2019, photo: Art Institute

Womxn in Motionis dedicated to ideas and iterations of performance, and to the way in which its embodied practices—its bodies—are often framed or received by narrow notions not only of gender, race, class, geography, and technology, but of what performance itself means and entails: a body in motion, for example. Whose body, though, and what kind of movement? This symposium, then, will explore performance in all its sundry manifestations: from dance, theater, the moving image, sound art, and participatory social practices and institutional critique to writing, reading, publishing, and orality. Guests include Pauline Curnier du Jardin, Pan Daijing, Sonia Fernández Pan, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė(Young Girl Reading Group), Maria Hassabi, Ingela Ihrman, Mayra Rodríguez Castro, Davide-Christelle Sanvee, Ramaya Tegene, and Martina-Sofie Wildberger. In addition, a new series of notes on shame and performance by poet, performer, and thinker Bhanu Kapil will be read by Quinn Latimer, and a film by Tabita Rezaire will be screened. Womxn in Motion will feature performances as well as critical and conversational reflections by the invited artists on how both their work, and their ideas of what performance and its unique poetics denotes and might one day become, has evolved.

Womxn in Motion is the fourth Master symposium at Art Institute in Basel within a series dedicated to new forms and ideas of artistic practice, gender, language, and justice. An essential ambition for this series of seminars from its inception in 2018 has been to talk about the subjects at hand—that is, contemporary artistic practices and the singular and social lives such practices might alter and be altered by—in languages of clarity, virtuosity, respect, intelligence, and love. We aim to practice the very values that might produce the emergence of a different, and more just, artistic and social order. If injustice is predicated on creating and instituting bodies that do not matter, performance—and all its variously embodied practices—is the medium where, critically, new forms of justice, space, and critique have often emerged. Presence, proximity, voice, movement, and performative relations (both online and off) are the tools by which many contemporary artists, in unprecedented ways, continue to explore how to create equitable space for our ever-regulated, dully delimited bodies. This symposium will serve those practices.

Womxn in Motion is organized by Chus Martínez and Quinn Latimer within the framework of the Women’s Center for Excellence, a long-term research project initiated by the Art Institute, together with Instituto Susch, a joint venture with Grażyna Kulczyk and Art Stations Foundation CH. It follows the symposiums Promise No Promises!, Women in Space, and Women on Earth, which were devoted to ideas and forms of artistic practice, gender, and language as they intersect with issues of equality, ecology, racial capitalism, politics and care in all their strange shapes and familiar rituals.